How Celsus uses Powernet as their IT Management, IT Support and CyberSecurity Provider

Celsus Pty Ltd is a special, purpose company responsible for managing the consortium that designed, financed, constructed and commissioned the Royal Adelaide Hospital. They now manage and maintain the hospital under a 30-year contract. Celsus provides facility management, with a patient-centric philosophy.

Powernet provides IT management and support for us including end-user computing, internet, firewall, cloud computing, Azure account management, cybersecurity management and incident management. We find Powernet to be responsive and timely, they provide a positive ICT support experience.

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Hassan Dawood
ICT Director


Celsus relies heavily on cloud computing and user mobility to connect with their consortium partners nationally and internationally. They needed a robust, and secure IT setup that would support their business growth and allow them to work from anywhere.

The services provided by Powernet enable us reliably to connect and do business while we are on the move and provide us with the flexibility to expand as needed.‘ says Dawood

Royal Adelaide Hospital
Celsus Royal Adelaide Hospital


Celsus utilises Powernet’s IT Support, Management, Cloud and Cybersecurity services, giving them a robust technology setup.

‘Our experience with Powernet has been very positive. Powernet supported us through the transition of Celsus’s IT requirements from the build of the Royal Adelaide Hospital to now, business as usual’ says Dawood.


 The Results

Celsus has a robust technology setup that supports their business and provides them with the tools they need to work securely, from anywhere. They utilise our IT Support team to help them with any day to day issues and have IT Management support through our unique Account Management framework.

‘Powernet’s services allow us to do business efficiently and effectively, while mobile and on the move.’ says Dawood.