How Consolidated Property Services moved to Powernet for their IT Support

Consolidated Property Services (Consolidated) has been providing premium cleaning services in both the Commercial & Retail sectors since 1977. Their vision is for Consolidated is to be an intelligent source of knowledge and expertise for safeguarding property, people and life, through the innovative design of sustainable cleaning and maintenance systems. They build trust in a clean and safe environment through relentless performance, with the aim of exceeding our clients’ expectations at every opportunity.

There has been a significant improvement in the performance & stability of Consolidated's network, which is critical given our decentralised business model. A multifaceted service with a depth of knowledge to draw upon from various experts. 

Jeff Kruss
Chief Financial Officer


Like many SME’s, Consolidated’s IT landscape had evolved over many years to meet the immediate needs of the business and was quite disparate as a result. Consolidated was in the market for a more sophisticated IT support managed service provider that could both contend with the rapid growth experienced by the business, and also provide a robust and secure IT infrastructure to a business with a decentralised operating model.

Furthermore, the migration was also initiated to provide a solid foundation for an upcoming Digital Transformation agenda.




Given that our transition took place in the midst of COVID-19 lockdowns, we required a 3rd party who could adhere to established project disciplines, whilst dealing with the ambiguity of an ever-changing project landscape. Powernet demonstrated an ability to flex both the project plan and their resources to respond to the dynamic environment, without compromising the success of the migration.

They also demonstrated that their core team of technical experts could respond rapidly and address any unforeseen cutover issues thereby ensuring business continuity’ says Kruss.

Consolidated now has a solid & secure infrastructure base off which to launch its upcoming Digital Transformation. Sixteen servers and all our applications are now hosted on Microsoft Azure with the associated backup and disaster recovery protocols in place.

There has also been a significant improvement in the performance & stability of Consolidated’s network, which is critical given our decentralised business model’.

The Results

‘Our staff are very positive about the technical environment and expertise that Powernet offers, and how positive and helpful Powernet are when they are engaging with them one on one.

Powernet has met CPS expectations in terms of their level of knowledge, technical expertise, and positive engagement and commitment to supporting CPS.

Powernet have demonstrated throughout the project (and now beyond) a willingness to continue to work with their clients to build and improve on the support and services they provide, and to go above and beyond where required to meet business needs’ says Kruss.