How Emerald Grain uses Powernet’s IT Leadership Services 

Emerald Grain is a national agribusiness with a strong supply chain and logistics capability, buying grain from farmers across Australia for sale to customers in Australia or around the world. We pride ourselves on being an agile and responsive player in our market, with a strong customer focus. 

Powernet provides a comprehensive managed service solution for Emerald, managing our network infrastructure, IT security and hardware procurement, as well as providing advice and support from key corporate applications and overall IT strategy. 

"Powernet seek to understand our underlying business issues and strategies to provide advice on IT solutions in a more comprehensive and timely fashion, which has delivered better business outcomes for Emerald Grain."

Joshua Whiting
Chief Financial Officer


The Challenge

With the growing complexity in our IT environment, it was hard to gather and retain the right broad expertise to maintain our IT capability and grow it for our business. By working with a qualified Powernet team exposed to the challenges facing other businesses like ours, they were able offer assistance across a range of areas whilst staying abreast of developments in the broader IT space.”


How Has Your Business Been Improved by Powernet?

We find that involving Powernet’s Senior Account Manager as a part of our IT leadership team helps us both work together better. Powernet is able to better understand underlying business issues and strategies and provide advice on IT solutions in a more comprehensive and timely fashion, which helps them deliver better outcomes. Our IT staff benefit from technical advice on business projects right from the start of the project which helps planning and implementation run more smoothly.”

Stability and performance of our IT environment has improved under Powernet’s management, which has obvious benefits for productivity and employee satisfaction. The ability of the IT department to deliver IT projects such as software upgrades, software developments or security management benefit from Powernet’s experience and deep understanding of our IT infrastructure.”



The Results

 “Having a dedicated team managing these services helps keep Emerald at the forefront of IT transformation without carrying the cost burden of a large inhouse IT support team. Powernets shared experience gathered by deploying solutions for other clients helps bring new ideas to the table and keep us up to date with best practice, which would be hard to maintain with only an inhouse team. ” says Whiting.

“By leaving key areas of IT management in the hands of Powernet, Emerald staff can focus their efforts on serving our customers and growing our business. “

“Powernet are a dedicated and reliable business partner which the business can’t do without, and I would recommend them to any business needed help in managing its IT services, in a small or large capacity.”