How The Commons worked with Powernet to open their newest co-working space

The Commons has been around since January 2016 when their first co-working space opened in Collingwood, Melbourne.

Over the last 6 years, they have opened 11 locations across Melbourne and Sydney. 

Our aim is to bring people together in a shared working environment, providing a space to make meaningful connections at work and that people love to come to work in”, says Linda Fountain, Executive Assistant at The Commons.

Powernet has worked with us on opening the majority of our co-working spaces and have been great every time.
They really care and takes the time to understand and educate us to make sure we know why somethings happening.

The Commons Logo
Linda Fountain
Executive Assistant


We are growing rapidly and Powernet has supported us through that growth. 

Surry Hills in NSW is our latest workspace and I’m sure we will be creating more with Powernet in the future. 

As a co-working space, one of our biggest priorities is that our clients have fast, reliable wi-fi. Powernet have delivered this for us across all of our locations, including this new one in Surry Hills, NSW.

Surry Hills Office
Surry Hills Office


The Commons has a great relationship with Powernet, we have a custom ticking system setup and have full visibility across all sites. Powernet has been great at teaching us initial troubleshooting steps so we can sometimes help ourselves with the easy stuff.

We have new staff starting all the time with the growth and Powernet has been great at supporting us with the constant growth” says Foundin.

There were major delays with builders, Powernet was able to be flexible, working during and after hours to ensure we opened our new space on our scheduled date“.

The Results

Our Surry Hills co-working space is open and operating. The technology running the office is set up and works seamlessly. 

Powernet’s IT services have well and truly exceeded our expectations” says Fountain.