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Powernet has proudly served Australian businesses with all of their IT support services needs for nearly three decades. Choosing the right technical support services for your business is vital to your productivity and success. That’s why at Powernet, we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients have the support they need at all times.

Australian Managed Service Provider

As an Australian MSP (Managed Service Provider), we take great care to deliver optimal results to our clients. Our many years of experience in this field allow us to provide more resources than the competition while offering the latest breakthroughs in IT support.

If you’re not sure whether a Managed Service Provider is the right fit for your business, we encourage you to keep reading to learn more about us and what we bring to the table as a small business IT support company.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

A Managed Service Provider, or MSP, is an outside company that is responsible for managing and undertaking a defined set of daily management services provided to its customers.

This is a strategic approach to improving operations, which is common in large companies as well as small and medium enterprises, non-profits, and governments.

As an MSP, we can handle countless operational tasks. And although these tasks are critical to the success of the business, they are not customer-oriented. Because of the efficiency and expertise that such programs bring, many organizations make strategic decisions about outsourcing operational processes.

Due to its complexity, one of the most popular outsourced operational tasks is to manage the company’s temporary IT support needs. Doing so allows companies to take advantage of the capabilities and experience of MSP while avoiding the direct costs of the management program itself.

Why Hire an MSP?

Hiring an MSP can help organizations improve their operations. Smaller businesses are typical customers of MSPs. That’s because many smaller companies have limited internal IT capabilities. As such, they count on the outside services of others to help them overcome IT issues, among other problems. So they may view MSP’s service offerings as a way to acquire IT expertise.

But larger companies may also sign contracts with MSPs. For instance, some government agencies that have run into budgetary pressures and recruitment restrictions may sign contracts with MSPs to supplement their internal IT staff.

Managed Service Providers are responsible for handling complex or repetitive tasks involved in IT infrastructure or end-user system management. Moreover, MSPs usually perform the following actions:

- Handle the management of IT infrastructure
- Provide compliance and risk management
- Provide technical support to employees
- Add network security software to IT
- Handle contract management
- Manage user access accounts
- Provide payroll services

When small, medium, or even large businesses call on an MSP to assist them, these companies and organisations can look forward to streamlined operations. When IT infrastructure is working optimally, businesses will see greater productivity among their teams.

This is because there are fewer things going wrong or causing unnecessary downtime in the workplace. As such, companies that are struggling to meet deadlines might call on MSPs to assist them in getting through difficult periods of time throughout the year.

It’s certainly not uncommon for even the most successful businesses to reach out for a helping hand from time to time. So if you have found yourself at a crossroads and don’t know where to turn, hiring an MSP can give you the support you need in your company to succeed.

How it Works

When an MSP is asked to help assist in meeting the business goals of a company, the MSP is usually expected to help fill some roles or gaps in the employees or IT system.

Communication is essential, as there needs to be continual planning between the organization and the MSP. This usually starts with an assessment. And it’s this assessment that serves to determine the current environment of the organisation.

Moreover, this assessment can help indicate where there might be a need for improvement. The discussion will then commence talking about how the MSP can help make this happen. As such, companies need to be flexible and willing to let the MSP provide its expertise in helping the company grow and better itself.

There are no specific settings for each organization, so MSP might offer various service options. A couple of examples of MSP services are subscription services and IT support.

IT support from an MSP focuses on remote repair or dispatching technicians to the company’s location to solve any problems. The MSP that provides this option charges the business for troubleshooting time and any components that were supplied to fix the problem.

Many MSPs also offer on-site services in the event that remote support isn’t successful. In this case, a technician would arrive at the company’s premises and offer the same support only in person. Sometimes, a hands-on approach yields better results.

MSPs providing subscription service models are committed to organising the network’s quality of services, and they usually charge clients monthly.

If a problem occurs, the MSP then resolves the issue as per the agreement that was made between the MSP and the organisation. Payment in the subscription-based model depends on a rate defined for each computer or device.

Monitoring, maintenance, desktop support services, reporting, security, and other types of services are defined by an SLA, which records the organisation’s expectations of the Managed Service Provider. Response time, safety specifications, and performance are also part of the agreement.

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MSPs can provide their own local services, as well as services from other providers or a combination of services. Most MSPs focus exclusively on one service. But at Powernet, we offer a wide variety to ensure that our clients have the support they need, when they need it.

Whether you’re in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, or anywhere else in Australia, you can count on Powernet to provide the services and support your business needs.

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