Marshall Day Acoustics was co-founded in Auckland, New Zealand by Sir Harold Marshall and Christopher Day in 1981. Since their humble beginnings as a new consultancy with a small team, the company has evolved into one of the largest acoustic engineering firms worldwide. They work on major projects in over 15 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, the USA, and several countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific Islands.

“Powernet has consistently provided us the depth of experience and technical knowledge required to resolve anything we ask of them. Ultimately that’s what a good IT support partner should bring to the table and Powernet has delivered this for us year after year.”

Martin Butyn

The Challenge

Marshall Day Acoustics is a global leader in the acoustic engineering industry. Due to their consistent and rapid growth, their IT infrastructure and security had begun to lag behind. The fact that Marshall Day is such a large company whose operations include fitting out major arenas and theatres internationally, meant that the company was at significant risk in terms of internet and tech security. What they needed was a boost to their existing IT systems that would cover their security, support, and network connectivity needs, and so they turned to Powernet IT solutions. Marshall Day came to Powernet with a need to solidify their networks and get specialised technical advice and applications to assist the company with their IT management.

“We had very small external IT support companies providing advice, and they did not have the level and depth of experience required to help us with difficult technical issues,” says Martin Butyn, Associate at Marshall Day Acoustics.

The Solution

Realising that their IT security systems were outdated and could, therefore, expose them to potential risks, Marshall Day implemented Powernet’s proactive Unlimited Support plan. 

“Powernet provided us with immediate on-site support, which we’d never had before,” says Butyn.

Since the beginning of the relationship, Powernet and Marshall Day have worked in close partnership, with Powernet providing input on critical business project work as well as technical support, assisting their existing IT team where required. Over that time, Marshall Day has looked to Powernet to plan, project manage, and implement agreed changes. Some major items include storage implementation and the deployment of Sophos SG firewalls to manage the WAN between their offices around the country.

“Once we had experienced Powernet’s help desk service levels, we felt confident to bring our cloud-managed WAN in-house. Powernet helped us procure and manage our WAN using Sophos endpoints, enabling us to finally be able to manage our own VPN’s cost effectively and with great visibility,” adds Butyn.

Today, Powernet provides Marshall Day with a flexible engagement model to support the business when and where it’s needed most. This enables Marshall Day to get maximum business value from the partnership while also increasing skills internally by ensuring knowledge transfer between Powernet and internal IT staff.

The Results

Engaging Powernet has enabled Marshall Day to reduce operational risk and leverage high-end engineers when required. Marshall Day now has a fully embedded firewall security across all of their offices, which ensures that their servers cannot be accessed externally from the internet. They also now have a competitive edge in technology and solutions.

“Bringing our WAN network management in house with Powernet gives us much better visibility and cost control over our WAN links. It also gives us the flexibility to deploy small endpoint routers to individual users whilst maintaining security,” says Butyn.

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